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Do you have chronic pain?
Are you ready to heal that pain?
Are you ready to reclaim your health and vitality to return to truly living your life to the fullest?

Then you are in the right place!

Step into a 3-month personalized, one-on-one container with me to take your power back and learn the tools to heal your pain from the inside out.  
Develop a deep and fulfilling relationship with your unique body that will not only heal your chronic pain but serve you in every facet of your health, relationships, and life at large!

Walk away from this container with little to no pain and ready to dive back into life.
Learn what the unique needs of your body are to support a lifetime of thriving.


“Working with Brittney has been an absolute dream.  Her deep listening, intention, and connection to Spirit have brought so much healing to my life.  During each session I felt safe, heard, and held.  She has helped me realize so many breakthroughs while stepping into a more empowered version of myself.  I can't recommend working with her enough."


We all came to this Earth as beautiful, unique individuals, but life is complicated.  I am Dr. Brittney Hobbs and I would love to guide you to heal chronic pain and return to truly LIVING!  I am a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist, health and wellness expert, coach, intuitive energy healer, and chronic pain specialist. I weave together a container in co-creation with you, your higher Self, modern and ancient wisdoms to create transformation.  


I became a clinical pharmacist specializing in pain management to help people feel better and improve their safety while navigating the trial and error associated with medications.  However, along the way I have seen a real need to discover the root cause of physical pain rather than rely so heavily on medications and procedures to mask the symptoms in order for a person to truly heal. Thus began my journey of self discovery via nutrition, spirituality, movement, our body wisdom, our nervous system, connection to nature and our creative power.

I once read a story about a golden statue in the middle of town that was hidden underneath mud to keep it safe.  Over time this golden statue was forgotten!  

I am here to guide and support you in washing away the layers of mud to reveal your true Self, your gold that has been with you all along. 


If you enjoyed your session, retreat, or subscription with me then please do me the huge honor of submitting your review below! With so much love and gratitude, Brittney.

Thanks for submitting!

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