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The Sacred Art of Living
Women's Wellness Retreat

Welcome beautiful woman.  This retreat is designed for those on a path of discovering how to walk her own individual path of true and vibrant health.


Do you find yourself searching the internet or books or visiting doctors trying to get answers for how to live your healthiest life, but still feel confused, lost, or not getting the answers you need?  

Do you face challenges with your health such as anxiety, belly pain, chronic pain, or chronic illness?

Or maybe you have skin issues, a busy mind, or difficulty sleeping.

Whatever it may be, this retreat will provide you a brave space to learn how to tune in to your intuition and your own body to gain the answers for regaining and maintaining your health.

Learn how to check in with your body to sense disharmony.  How to bring that imbalance back into balance and harmony.

Feel the freedom of taking back your power to live the life that is unique to you and no one else.  


As a busy working mom of two littles I know what it feels like to constantly be rushing and finding it difficult to pause to look within, explore what our wise bodies are trying to communicate to us, or have the space to integrate all that we have excavated and opened to.  

The Sacred Art of Living Women's Wellness Retreat

Daily Empowered Living

Come indulge in yourself for a week in Costa Rica.

Not indulge as we usually think of it with ways to numb such as with alcohol, sweets, and staying super busy. But instead come indulge in a dreamy, slow pace. Nourish your body deeply with organic plant-based food. Soothe your energetic body with intuitive healing, ceremony, and connection to Mother Earth.

Come explore yourself and have plenty of time to also connect with your inner child and play. Embrace your wild.

Get around town on a 4-wheeler.

Lounge in a tide pool. Take a surf lesson.

Open your heart with Cacao.

Connect to your creative and feminine nature. Not the polite, societal feminine, but the empowered, authentic feminine.

Learn to hear the wisdom of your body.

Does she need more attention, fun, healing, relaxation? Come to Costa Rica and embody The Sacred Art of Living.

The Empowered Woman retreat is this space of time, connection, and relaxation.  This retreat is located within the jungle overlooking the jungle canopy and Pacific Ocean in Santa Teresa Costa Rica.  We will be slowing down to dive deep and rise high.  Immersed in the natural rhythms of nature you will wake each morning with Brittney leading you in heart opening cacao ceremonies, deep healing breaths, mystically guided soul meditations, and movement practices to get us out of our beautiful but flawed minds and down into the wisdom and flow of our divine bodies.

Throughout the week you will also have two one-on-one intuitive sessions with Brittney Hobbs who will provide deeper guidance to you for connecting with your body and intuition.  She will also provide powerful energetic healings to jump start your path!  Read further down for other exciting components of The Sacred Art of LivingRetreat

I so look forward to journeying with you.

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Retreat Sign Up: Programs
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The Sacred Art of Living
Women's Wellness Retreat

Only room for a small group of women!  Don't miss your chance to slow down and dive deep.  Sign up now.

Soul sisters I invite you to join me in Santa Teresa Costa Rica for a week of slowing down to hear the voice of your soul and provide Her with the space to release and heal through morning meditations, somatic movements, womb blessings, cacao ceremony, nutritious food, and intuitive coaching and healing sessions.  If you feel called then please follow your intuition and reach out below with any questions or proceed to the reservations tab further below.  I so look forward to connecting with you.

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Learn more about The Sacred Art of Living Retreat with Brittney Hobbs

Say yes to yourself and your inner journey and join Brittney Hobbs to slow down and connect on a deep level to the wisdom of your body, the keeper of your intuition.  

Every morning will begin with a variety of breathing exercises, visualizations, meditations, and somatic or mindful movement practices to help you quiet your mind and shift your focus to your inner wisdom.

During the week you will also have the opportunity for two private 60 minute sessions with Brittney where she will hold sacred space for you to clear out the clutter and connect with what healthy living means for you at all layers of your being (energetic, emotional, spiritual, mental, sexual, and physical).  

Intuitive coaching is a form of coaching that allows her to utilize her gifts to guide you to connect to the deepest parts of yourself utilizing your intuition and help you tap into the divine energy within to live in alignment with your most authentic self leading to living your dream life.

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"Working with Brittney has been an absolute dream. Her deep listening, intention and connection to Spirit have brought so much healing to my life. During each session I felt safe, heard and held. She has helped me realize so many breakthroughs while stepping into a more empowered version of myself. I can't recommend working with her enough!"


Tropical Fruit Dessert

About Chef Matti

"Food is more than food-it is medicine, it what heals our bodies."

Matthäus Ryszka is a culinary trained chef located in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica where he offers exceptional plant-based cuisine for individuals, intimate groups, ceremonies, and retreats. 

Since 2009, after receiving his classical chef training in IHK, an premiere industry certification standard in Germany, Matthäus has firmly established himself as a highly respected chef on an international scale. 

It is his passion for working with the finest seasonal, local and organic ingredients to offer guests internationally inspired plant-based culinary experiences. Matthäus especially loves creating meals for pre-ceremony and post-ceremony integration so guests can experience preparation for receiving sacred plant medicine in a cleansed body and have longer lasting effects and resonance with the spirit of plants.

His intention is to take guests on a world tour creating an intentional international plant-based fusion. 

His global culinary tour took him to Italy, Spain, France, Egypt, Morocco, Thailand, Sumatra, Medan, Australia, New Zealand, and Maldives, where he offered personal menu planning and instruction, and cheffing at top boutique 2-Star Michelin Restaurants, remote luxury resorts and fusion kitchens around Asia and Australia where he learned about fresh exotic ingredients, low-carb and holistic menu, and unique herbal infusions.

For Matthäus, it is important for guests to understand and relish each meal, eat slowly, and appreciate the love that goes into each plate. He prepares each meal with passion, soul, and emotion, which can be felt in every nourishing taste. He enjoys bringing you into the kitchen with him to learn about the ingredients, health benefits, and how to re-create these meals for yourself and loved ones. 

For Matthäus, cooking for you and sharing meals together is the greatest gift he can offer the world - sharing love, his stories, and his passion to serve the flowers of life.

Smoothie Bowl
Dark Rainforest Path

Learn about The Sacred Art of Living Heart-Opening Cacao Ceremony

Sacred Plant Medicine Retreat Ceremony with Shamanic Sound Journey

Give yourself a truly profound experience of an intimate shamanic journey, activated by the loving heart-opening medicine of ceremonial Cacao.

In each experience, we honor the wisdom of the sacred plants, and provide a loving, nurturing and safe space for you to engage deeply and intentionally with the medicine and assist you to integrate and understand what emerges through divine sound healing, angelic vocals, deep Mongolian chanting and vocal toning, and intuitive guidance.

Your ceremony day:

  • Arrival to space at 1pm (Please fast / eat light fruits only before)

  • Intention setting and introduction to the medicine

  • serving medicine and guided shamanic meditation with Baba Marito

  • cacao ceremony and honoring earth and ancestors with Fern Olivia

  • breathwork and vocal activation with Fern Olivia

  • medicine songs and icaros with Baba Marito, Fern Olivia and world-class medicine music performer Dave Parry

  • mantras and musical instrumental journey

  • Sound healing

  • closing circle

  • Integration dinner (vegan, gluten free)

We will begin with a blessing of Cacao, the heart-opening medicine of the indigenous people of Costa Rica, describing the health benefits of drinking Cacao and the history of this native superfood. Then, we will open with a meditation guided by our local Shaman, Baba, and a grounding breathwork practice led by Fern Olivia, Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator. Following, we will invite you to join your voices with us in Mongolian style toning and shamanic activation as Baba leads us in ancient practices and rituals, mantras and traditional Mayan and Quecthan icaros (tribal medicine songs.) After our vocal practice, enjoy a sacred shamanic sound journey with over 20 of our instruments from around the world, including N'goni West African Harp, Shamanic Drum, Shruti from India, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Kalimba, and Hang drum from Switzerland.


  • During ceremony:

    • Cacao Ceremony

    • Intention Setting

    • Guided Meditation

    • Activation Breathwork

    • Traditional Medicine Songs and Icaro honoring the sacred medicinal plant

Fern Olivia works with the energy of sacred plant medicine, tantric practices and shamanic healing arts to offer women and men the remembrance of their own sovereignty, freedom and intuitive wisdom. She is the goddess creatrix of the sensous organic essential oil fragrance and aphrodisiac body care brand, Ajai Alchemy. Fern is a multi-dimensional oracle trained in a multitude of spiritual and holistic healing modalities including Kundalini Yoga, Sound Therapy, Rebirthing Breathwork, Womb Healing and Akashic Records Channeling. She currently lives in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, where she offers Monthly New Moon Women’s Circles at Zunya and personal and group ceremonies at her home, Temple Gaia. Fern Olivia is also the Kundalini Yoga instructor at Thea Retreats, a luxury longevity cleanse retreat center on a private mountaintop escape where Temple Gaia is located.

She is eternally grateful that her soul called her to Costa Rica in August 2017 and has been here spreading love since - and each day has been following her passion to serve and protect this precious home and share it with all who feel called to join her.

IG: @fernolivia   Web:    email:

Shaman, Baba Marito

Shaman Baba (Mario Agustin) from Argentina began his journey with sacred shamanic practices in Mexico in with Mayan indigenas in 2008, then continued in Peru, Ecuador, Brasil, Indonesia, Russia and now for the last 8 years in his home base in Costa Rica. In ceremonies, Baba sings medicine songs in Quechua, Sanskrit, English, Spanish and Mongolian style chanting along with Shamanic vocal sounds.

IG: @ama_now 

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Learn about The Sacred Art of Living Womb Blessing Ceremony with Fern Olivia

Womb Blessing Ceremony with West African harp and crystal bowl healing

* Are you ready to receive seeds of love, light and empowerment in your Holy Womb?

* To completely surrender your body to gravity and deep relaxation?

* To connect with the Divine Feminine within you on this special day?

* To fully open your heart to the healing sounds of the harp and crystal bowls, and let them resonate into your sacred womb?

You are so welcome to this ceremonial experience of becoming free.

Fern Olivia, a certified Rose Priestess, Reiki Master, and Sound Therapist, creates a warm bedding for women who are ready to receive and embrace themselves completely.

The first part of the evening will be dedicated to the Womb Blessing: opening your heart, sinking into your body, making yourself ready to receive the seeds of light and expressing an intention for reclamation of your womb sovereignty. Think of it as an initiation into mystical womanhood. Surrender to gravity to receive the Healing West African N’goni Harp and use the vibrations to feed the light seeds with loving intentions.​  The attunements upgrade your womb to the same vibration of Divine Feminine energy of the Rose Priestess Path of Mary Magdalene. 

In the session, you will be comfortably supported by pillows and yoga bolsters, fully clothed, eyes closed and anointed with divine feminine essential oils of rose, ylang ylang, and lavender. 

The Sacred Art of Living Wellness Retreat Itinerary

Each morning to begin with meditation and an embodied movement practice or activity.  Additional optional activities to be embedded day -to-day based on what presents itself each day.

Monday through Friday will have all meals and beverages provided by our personal chef preparing organic plant-based farm-to-table food.

Sunday:  Arrive in the afternoon and get settled.  6pm: Introductions, Dinner, New Moon Ceremony.

Monday: Time for one-on-one healing sessions. Free time to relax, explore the beach, schedule an adventure.

Tuesday: Time for one-on-one healing sessions. Womb healing ceremony. Free time.

Wednesday: Shamanic sound journey with Ceremonial Cacao, live music, indigenous medicine man.

Thursday: Time for one-on-one healing sessions. Free time to relax, explore the beach, schedule an adventure.

Friday: Time for one-on-one healing sessions. Free time. Closing Ceremony.

Saturday: Prepare to head home an Empowered Woman!

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