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What is the RIGHT way to eat?

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

What if the "right" way to eat changes decade-to-decade, year-to-year, day-to-day, or even hour-to-hour. What if the way you ate 10 years ago served its purpose, improved your health in some way, or kickstarted your spiritual awakening, but it no longer serves you now.

Are you open to this idea? Can you let go of the boxes you have put yourself in...vegan...vegetarian...paleo...low tune into the signs and messages from your body to deliver what SHE needs to feel nourished?

I started my journey away from the Standard American Diet in my early twenties toward a vegan and gluten free diet secondary to intense belly pains and bloating that would happen almost every evening. Learning about the health benefits of plant foods intrigued me. The studies, the promises of amazing health, the beauty of the colorful foods drew me in like a moth to the flame. I felt called at a deep soul level to explore this new way of nourishing my body and I dove deep! I knew this was the right next step for me.

As a doctor of pharmacy (aka pharmacist) I was trained to put my trust in science, therefore I was even more invested after hearing so much research of the benefits of a plant-based diet to heal so many of our chronic illnesses and diseases, the anti-imflammatory benefits, etc. The spiritual community also describes the importance of the higher vibration of these foods, the increased light energy.

As a recovering perfectionist I was determined to succeed at a physical health level and a spiritual ascension level.

I preached to my family, friends, and patients the correctness and necessity of shifting to a more plant-based diet because of the research and some of the benefits I had seen in my own health, both physically and spiritually.

Fast forward to present day and my discoveries over recent years that diet does play an important role but it is far from the whole picture. In order to heal my belly I needed to also learn to tune into the other layers of my Being such as my repressed emotions, blocked energy, etc. but this piece is a story for another day.

Then a new challenge arose...anemia...heavy painful cycles...weak boundaries...exhaustion...each related to the next. I tried to heal myself by focusing on plant foods high in iron...ignoring my cravings for denser foods...primarily meat. How could I after all the research I had read on plant-based could I after raising my children to focus on could I after sending out so much judgement into the world from my high horse?

I stubbornly (aka my ego) gripped tighter to a plant-based diet to prove to myself and everyone else that no matter what this was the "right" box to keep myself in.


I discovered that science can justify the healing benefits of plant-based eating and ancestral ways of eating which includes eating high-quality meat, free range happy chicken eggs, bone broth, organ meats such as liver. I found out that we humans can spin the "data" to suit our point-of-view. I found out the importance of connecting within our the needs of our body in each moment because external information is not meant to answer my questions but provide inspiration or new perspectives so that I can feel for the "rightness"...the alignment within my own body, follow the excitement-beauty-smell of my food.

What if I need more plant-based foods when I am feeling weighed down, dense, energetically blocked, inflamed, or to more easily connect to higher states of consciousness? What if I need more animal-based products to help strengthen my solar plexus and support me in strengthening boundaries, healing anemia, grounding my higher states of consciousness into my body and the earth?

What if I tune in every morning to my needs rather than run on auto-pilot and eat out of habit or principal? What if I begin to thrive in each layer of my quantum being because I deepen my intuitive connection to my body with nutrition being yet another doorway for me to walk through of initiation and growth?

So again...have you placed yourself in a box whether it be for nutrition or something else based on external information, a place of ego, or have you learned to tune into your unique needs that are forever changing?

I am sending you so much love on your journey to thriving physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, energetically, and spiritually (aka your quantum, multidimensional self)!


Ps. Interested in personal support on your own health and wellness journey. Do not hesitate to reach out to work with me HERE for quantum health support! I would LOVE to support you on your journey.

What else would you like to learn about to support your quantum healing?

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