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Heal Chronic Pain Transformation Package

Combine modern science and ancient wisdom to truly heal chronic pain.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Telephone or WhatsApp

Service Description

A 2-month one-on-one journey with Dr. Brittney Hobbs (Chronic Pain Practitioner, Pain Reprocessing Coach, and Intuitive Guide) packed with 8 sessions and extra support via text or email between sessions. Share your unique chronic pain story and lets explore how to take your healing to the next level. I have more than 10 years of experience supporting people living with chronic pain scientifically as well as intuitively. Lets rewire your brain, rehabilitate your nervous system, release repressed emotions, and explore ways to truly change your life and heal chronic pain! Like the unique needs of each seed and sprout, your session will be tailored to your needs. Would you like to feel more energized, more free, more in-tune and in-sync with your body? Do you want to feel empowered with tools to nourish all the layers of your multidimensional body to truly thrive in your own unique way? Do you want to strengthen your intuition and nurture yourself to health using both science and wisdom? Are you ready to wash away the mud that covers your GOLD and heal your pain? Do you want to learn how your daily life can be your greatest teacher and provide insight into your path to being pain-free? Do you want to feel your best physically? Have mental self talk that is positive and supportive? Take time to honor your emotions? Support your nervous system and learn what it has to do with your pain? Discover what energy has to do with your health and how to support it. Ready to heal with loving support along the way? Explore daily rhythms and rituals, breath work, energy healing, nervous system support, nourishment, guided creative experiences. Do you have a goal of reducing, eliminating, or avoiding pharmaceuticals to manage your pain? Then you are in the RIGHT place! Money is energy and a commitment to the level of transformation you desire for yourself. Are you ready?!? I am so excited to travel this path with you. Investment offering: $1200 total for the 2-month commitment and container to heal your chronic pain and cultivate a thriving life.

Cancellation Policy

**Client Policy Overview:** 1. **Non-Medical Nature of Sessions:** - Our sessions are focused on holistic healing and coaching, not medical advice. I am not your licensed medical professional, and any discussions or suggestions should not replace medical consultation. 2. **Personal Responsibility:** - Clients acknowledge and accept full responsibility for any choices or changes they make based on our sessions. It is crucial to consult with qualified healthcare professionals for medical decisions. 3. **No Refunds:** - All sessions are non-refundable. Commitment is integral to the healing and coaching process, and refunds are not provided. 4. **Communication:** - Clients are encouraged to reach out with any questions or difficulties related to scheduling. Open communication is key to ensuring a smooth and effective collaboration. By engaging in our sessions, clients confirm their understanding and agreement with these policies. This sets the foundation for a collaborative and transformative experience.

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