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Fall Essentials

Love Yourself Intuitive

A 3-week journey inwards to connect with your wisdom, your intuitive self to heal chronic pain.

It takes a great deal of self-love to pause and make changes in our lives that remove the toxic and return to wholeness.

As we experience stressors, traumas, injuries, harsh words, leaky boundaries...and the list goes on...we begin to harden our hearts, clench our bodies, block our energy flows as a way to protect ourselves.

Loving ourselves enough to explore our most vulnerable parts to restore flow and harmony and intuition to our quantum bodies is everything.

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Guided by Brittney Hobbs
The Quantum Pharmacist

I am a clinically trained chronic pain specialist and intuitive healer who has witnessed the significant need to bring healing back to focusing on the layers of ourselves that have been covered up over the years in order to protect ourselves.  

I am passionate about restoring Quantum Health and Wellness to myself and the world.

In Love Yourself Intuitive we will cover:

  • What is intuition

  • How do you access intuition

  • Energy healings

  • Activations to enhance your intuition

  • Personal oracle card pull each week and sent to your email.

  • Practices and exercises to strengthen intuition

$66 for 3- one hour classes starting December 23 at 2 pm MST.​  Get a jump start on sewing the seeds for your health, intuition, and the New Year on this Super New Moon!

Fall Foliage

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